Will the magnets damage my mobile device?

No, modern smartphones and other mobile devices do not use magnetic storage media. Therefore, the magnets used for Mag’n’Mount do not negatively affect smartphones and tablets. Many phone and tablet covers that are available on the market today use magnets to close the cover.

I have a mobile phone or Tablet without removable battery cover. Where can I attach the Thinplate?

If your phone does not have a removable battery cover (i.e. iPhones) and/or you want to mount a tablet with Mag’n’Mount, insert the Thinplate in a phone or tablet cover or a cover (not included).

My phone switches to sleep mode, as soon as it comes into contact with Mag'n'Mount. How can I prevent this?


  • Some mobile phones switch to sleep mode when a magnet is detected. This function is used mainly when closing a cellphone. There are different phone settings to disable this function. Some examples are provided below:
    • iPhone:
      Settings-> General -> Locks / Unlock-> Off.
    • Android:
      If your phone uses a hall or magnetic sensor (for example, Galaxy S4 & S5) attach the Thinplate on the opposite side of the sensor. The mobile phone must be mounted that so that the hall sensor is not affected by the magnets on Mag’N’Mount.

For some phone models, the sleep mode is disabled by connecting the power supply. Alternatively, you can use a special app to prevent the phone to switch to sleep mode (E.g. magnetic-Unlocker, Invisible-Dock, docknothing, etc.)

What phones have been tested with Mag'n'Mount?

Mag’n’Mount works with all common, modern smartphones and tablets. The following devices have been tested successfully by us:

  • Apple: iphone 6, 6 Plus | iphone 5, 5S, 5C | iphone 4, 4S | ipad, iPad Mini
  • Samsung: Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7 | Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, Note 4 | Galaxy S Blaze 4G | Galaxy Player 3.6 | Focus 2
  • HTC: HTC One X, S | Touch | Desire
  • Sony: Sony Xperia most models
  • others: LG Optimus L, F, G, G3 | Lumia most models | Huawei most models Nexus One, S, 5, 6 | OnePlus One | Motorola Moto G, X

*Einige mobile Geräte verfügen einige ferritischen Einsätze.
Dies sollte Ihnen ausreichend Griff Ihres mobilen Geräts auf die EasyMount Halterungen auch ohne Thinplate und ohne den Einsatz einer Handyhülle geben.
Geräte mit ferritischen Einsätze sind für Beispiel:
Samsung Galaxy S6, S7
TomTom GO 500/5000/600/6000 GO LIVE 1000 and 1005

Can tablets and navigation devices be mounted on Mag'n'Mount?


  • Yes, you can easily mount smaller tablets with all Mag’n’Mount products. We recommend you use two Mag’n’Mount Air for mounting big tablets and/or mobile devices.


Mag’n’Mount can be used to mount other devices, such as navigation systems. To ensure perfect grip, mount the Thinplate to the back of the unit.

Mag’n’Mount was tested with the following navigation systems:
TomTom GO 500/5000/600/6000 GO LIVE 1000 and 1005.
TomTOM is using a magnetic mounting system. Therefore no other equipment is needed.

How can I installed a large tablet on Mag'n'Mount.

You can mount larger tablets on Mag’n’Mount air. For a secure mount, we recommend 2 to mount two Mag’n’Mount air on the vents. The Thinplates are installed in the case of the tablet. You will find below an example of this arrangement.







When I remove my phone from Mag'n'Mount Classic, the mount may come out of its place.

Montage_HandyRemove your cell phone from the Mag’n’Mount holder by pivoting or twisting slightly to the side to minimize the potential of pulling out the Mag‘n‘Mount holder from the dashboard.

The seams in my dash have too much clearance. How can I fix that?

The legs of the Mag’n’Mount Classic can be bent to make the fit tighter (Bild 1.)

Alternative, Schneiden Sie einen Aufkleber in 13mm / 0,5 Zoll-Streifen. Diese Streifen können umfließen die Halterung um den Grip zu verbessern.. (siehe Abbildung). Alternatively, using electrical tape (eg insulation tape) wickeln Sie jedes Bein einfach einmal oder zweimal. (Bild 2-3)


The Mag’n’Mount bracket won’t hold my cell phone. How can I fix this?

This can occur if your phone case is thick. To fix this issue, we recommend usingboth 2 Thinplates provided.

Can I change the viewing angle of the Mag'n'Mount Classic?


Yes, the viewing angle can be adjusted by bending the metal legs to the desired angle.

Ist es möglich, den Berg Mag'n'Mount Classic horizontal?

Yes, Mag'n'Mount Classic kann horizontal oder vertikal montiert werden

The viewing angle can be adjusted by bending the metal legs to the desired angle


What should I do, if I use NFC or wireless charging?

If you use the NFC function make sure that the Thinplate does not cover the NFC sensor.
If you use wireless charging (QI), make sure that the Thinplate does not cover the wireless charging field.

You may need to cut the Thinplate with a standard pair of scissors to avoid covering the NFC sensor or covering the wireless charging field.
Please see how to position the Thinplate on a Samsung S6 to avoid covering the wireless charging field.

qi charging S6

What should I do, if I use a waterproof smartphone?

Dichtung-S5Make sure the Thinplate will not cover the sealing of the battery cover, when, installing the Thinplate in the battery cover.

Can Mag'n'Mount Classic affect the functioning of airbags?

Empfohlener-Einbaubereich-EasyMount-AirbagWe recommend to install Mag’n’Mount not in close range of your vehicles airbags. Mag’n’Mount Classic should be mounted in a gap in the center console. This area should be outside of the range of the airbags.

Will Mag'n'Mount work with my OtterBox case??

Yes, the OtterBox and OtterBox Denfender case will work with Mag’n’Mount..

What are the dimensions of the Mag'n'Mount Classic

Attached you find the diamension or Mag’n’Mount Classic